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Working Remotely

Because our team is small and rapidly growing, we're currently set up as a co-located company (this is likely to change in the future). Therefore, this section pertains to an employee who normally works in the office but who needs to work from somewhere else one day (or part of a day). It's always preferred that an employee work in the office, but should you have a compelling reason not to, this section outlines what's expected.

Before working remotely, obtain approval from the person you report to as much in advance as reasonably possible. Several days notice is expected, except for unusual circumstances.


Be sure to choose and/or create a working environment that is suitable for productive work. This would include:

  • A fast, reliable internet connection
  • A quiet, private, and distraction free place
  • You have ample time to work as much as you would have in the office

Some important things to understand about working remotely:

  • It's not shorter than the time you're missing in the office
  • It's not less productive
  • It's not an excuse for missing commitments (meetings, deadlines, etc.)
Other comments

Working remotely will require more effort on your part to ensure it's effective and productive. It will take extra work to ensure you're still collaborating well with your teammates and exceeding their expectations. At the end of the day, your teammates are counting on you just as much as when you're in the office.